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Countless sales training and tons and tons of calls to thousands leads and clients I have made throughout my professional career taught me on the importance of having engaging meeting with the prospect. My main objective in each exchange has always been converting my prospect into a long-term customer. However, it is to be noted that building a credible rapport with your client takes time and extensive input, whether you’re an experienced professional or a beginner at sales. In fact, the pressure could be quite stressful.

Rapport building through engaging sales meetings

Nevertheless, it is increasingly important to go out of your way to ensure collaboration in your discussion throughout the cycle of your sales process. Starting with the very first call, it is essential to build trust with your client. Failing to do so can result in a lot of obstacles in later stages or might even halt the closing of the sale. Many individuals choose the sales profession because they have exceptional verbal skills. They love to talk and explain the virtues of their services or products. However, this could be harmful as excessive talking lowers the degree of attentive listening to your potential client. Hence, there’s more science involved than just talking at lengths, in order to ensure an engaging meeting and bridge the gap to develop trust with your buyer through the very first call.

Importance of sales training and engaging sales meetings.

Firstly, keep in mind the purpose of your call. It is all about the questions, listening closely and being open to learn. In my opinion it wouldn’t be very wise to approach the topic of sealing the deal or pitching your offer in the very first call.

In not many situations it happens that everything is decided upon your first outreach and you can aim for a kill. The call is about them and not about you, engage your prospect in a meeting. This principle will help you shape your words better. Secondly, a relaxed conversational style is imperative for a wholesome discussion. The skill requires some polishing and practice, as you do not want to come off as cocky, but rather confident. A calm and cool voice that cancels out any monotony as you talk. Make it sound genuine rather than pretentious. We all know the examples of sales people who are overly cheery and thus unauthentic. That’s the last thing you need in your discovery call. Thirdly, putting the buyer at ease by asking questions gently can win the larger game.

Be genuinely interested in their business – enagaging meetings

Your focus is not investigating your buyer as if you’re a law and enforcement agency rep. You’re just genuinely collecting information from your buyer.

engaging meeting sales training

Fourthly, break the ice with your buyer by utilizing your pre-call research. Say things like “I like the new outlook of your website” or “I attended the seminar held by your company” or “I saw your LinkedIn post about your new product” or “I learnt that your company made a huge acquisition”. And lastly, it is self-evident that you should know the inside and outside of your value proposition. You have to be an expert about your service or product. Only then you can deftly place your differentiators at the right points of discussion, especially during the solution mapping stage. When the buyer can literally see that the salesperson is highly skilled and well-trained, he would be more confident and trustful of your service.

Stand out from the crowd through engaging meetings

Your discovery call is nothing but a give-and-take conversation between you and your prospect. The norms of mutual respect and trust are highly applicable, devoid of any threat.

The most outstanding sales professionals are those who continuously hone their skills, do not hesitate to break down the barriers and are good listeners. Such professionals are masters in ensuring high engagement in any meeting with their prospect.

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