“New Sales Simplified” Dead Serious Review (win a book!)

When someone asks me for a sales book recommendation I always hesitate for a moment. Not because there are no great authors out there. But simply because I need to know WHY you ask me about it. I always pray for a second to not to hear about looking for Sales Hack, Magic Formulas and Tricks that will make all the sales efforts for you.

When I already know that you are genuinely interested in developing your sales acumen I think about New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg.

Is it worth it Pawel? You ask.

Hard to tell, check out my TOP 6 TAKEAWAYS from the book and You can judge by yourself.

And if you are a giveaway fan like myself there is something for you as well. I do have few copies of the book to share and the steps to win one are very SIMPLE!

Sales is New Business Development – Business Development is Action

There are couple of simple truths about generating revenue and building new business. One of the facts is that there is no automation for that. We (Sales Development Reps and Business Development Reps) are the cornerstone of each sales team and we know it. If you are a smaller team or a solo entrepreneur this is the fundament of your sustainable revenue growth. You will not avoid it, you will not fake it. Our business results rely on New Business Development.

Sales reps, solo entrepreneurs, BDR’s all of us – we will always find a better way to spend our time than prospecting, generating new business. Just because it is not fun activity (this is not entirely true – as overall I love to interact and sell). It is a game of loosing and embracing those moments.

We love to blame our company for not delivering the results this month aren’t we? How many times we were stalling the outreach because the pitch is not perfect or simply the product is not ready yet. Sales people are like knights we swore to sell and bring new business whatever is the situation. We need to work with what we have got – you can’t always wait for the company!

Sales follows Strategy

Great leaders and managers knows that. Aspiring great leaders and managers are learning this the hard way. You simply can’t expect us (The Sales Force) to sell effectively and to build the strategy on the go. We would love to contribute in the latter – but our main focus is sales, building relationships with companies, businesses and people that are outlined in our strategy. We sell the products that you “tell” us through the strategy – trust me – I have been in sales for 16 long years – WE NEED IT.

New sales simplified Sales strategy

If the sales strategy for 2021 is outlining the greater need to focus on NEW BUSINESS REVENUE please show this to us. Powerpoint is great – I agree. Passionate speech on the stage motivates. But please remember that we run on different factors – we are motivated by different things. For me it will be the mission of the company (as I am in general mission inspired person) but Mike can be motivated by commission. So please remember to adjust the compensation plans accordingly to the strategy – OK?

We are a gown up kids – that is a fact – but that is why we are so fuc*&ng effective. But do not treat us like kids I beg you. Do not micromanage us, your Sales Force. Yes – our managers probably could do a better job than us because simply your connections are wider and your business acumen is amazing. But you will not be able to make a killer sales team if you start working for me!

Target your customers and have a killer sales story

Yes, this is not groundbreaking for us. As a person that was in sales for years I know I need to reach out to our target customers. We know that – but do we always remember that? Just think how many times you and your colleagues were not hitting their quota this quarter just because they were handling petty requests or opportunities given to them by the CEO – himself.

New Sales Simplified Target Customers

When we already know who to focus on – we should also know what they need. What is their biggest challenge and what bothers them. Use this and much more to your advantage. Put everything into the sales story you are about to tell to your prospect.

Everything that we do during our sales cycle needs to be documented. I know – no one likes this more than I do. But sales game is a team sport. There is a bigger structure behind us and in front of us. Our managers and execs will make their strategic decision based on what we enter into a CRM. This should motivate you enough to finally start putting stuff on the system!

Selling is about helping Customers to solve their issues

The Value Proposition is what Sales Force needs to live and breathe everyday, this is also the first thing your prospect needs to see or hear. Whether It’s cold calling, events, or zoom meeting. Without this, your Sales efforts will have reduced conversion levels. As we will have to rely solely on our experience rather than the value of the product.

Objection handling

Prepare for handling the most obvious objections before they even surface.

How many times You had the situation when you are going through your presentation or pitch. This is the meeting with your customer that you have research for days. You tried to get them on the phone or on the zoom meeting for weeks now. Now you are rocking it – delivering the perfect overview matched with their needs. You know that they need it.

But at the end of the discussion or call you hear…

“Yes, sure this sounds perfect, but we are in a busy time right now…

Can we get back to this in couple of months?”

Dealing with objections quickly improves your authority in the eyes of your prospects.Why is this the case?Being seen as an authority is based on expertise and trustworthiness.If you know that there are common concerns and you simply avoid or ignore them, you will likely lose credibility.

Prospecting is vital

Safe guard your prospecting time at all cost! Have you heard about The 30-day rule” of prospecting (Sorry Mike, I had to purchase this from Jeb)? Long story short, If you will not prospect you will never reach your quota. Prospecting you do in this 30-day period will pay off for the next 90 days.

Build a call plan for your prospect. Make time to research their needs. Talk as little as possible. Try to use the time on the first call to find out about them as much as possible. They need to do the talking – you need to listen!

We are living in times when most of the meetings are taking place on-line. Use the technology to your advantage. Use recording software like gong.io to make notes of your meeting for you. You on the other hand need to focus entirely on the customer pains!

There is so much more!

I could write an essay about how good the book is. And how universally it has been written. The things above are merely thoughts that I got immediately when “New Sales Simplified” topic came up.

I would have to finish the article to conclude that “there is no silver bullet” to new business development. There are no hacks or magic formulas that will build your funnel for you. You need to do the legwork yourself. Go through the full sales process to be able to succeed in sales!


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I will try to make it a signed copy by the author Mike Weinberg!

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